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Hello and welcome to The Homeroom Podcast! We hope you get on board with us as we discuss school, life, and anything Laker Nation.  Anchor Down! 

Mar 10, 2020

Is a civilization reflected in its arts? 

Join the HomeRoom Podcast Crew, Stephen Sanchez, Hunter Rudolph, Eli Sales, and Tyson LaFrance as they interview Welshman Kieran Watkins and discuss differences between Welsh and American cultures.  

Mar 3, 2020

What do Spanish Teachers and the Homeroom Podcast crew equal?  Well, according to this group, America is no longer a melting pot but a . . .  salad?  Wait, dare we say stew or burgoo?

Join The Homeroom Podcast hosts Tyson LaFrance, Hunter RudolphEli Sales, Stephen Sanchez as they interview Natascha Parrish and Leigh...