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Hello and welcome to The Homeroom Podcast! We hope you get on board with us as we discuss school, life, and anything Laker Nation.  Anchor Down! 

Dec 25, 2019

Join the HomeRoom Podcast crew as they welcome a new member, Tyson LaFrance, and share favorite Christmas traditions and music, cheesy dad jokes, and humorous views straight from the high-school classroom.

Dec 8, 2019

Homeroom Podcast host Stephen Sanchez interviews juniors Eli Sales and Hunter Rudolph as they discuss friendSHIP, one of the more important components of high school and life. 

Dec 8, 2019

Join the Homeroom Podcast crew for their maiden voyage as they introduce you to their mission, their crew, and their goals.  Home of the Lakers, the community at Calloway County High School builds ships - - ANCHOR DOWN!